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to keep safe and informed

All emergency numbers worldwide are at your fingertips, and the ability to call your national embassy whist receiving live
government travel notifications with travel smart app. Be a smart traveller!


Call your national embassy

With corrupt local police and the unpredictable situations that arise during travel. The ability to call the nearest embassy, regardless of where you are in the world

Call police & emercency services

Have the ability to act fast in any emergency, call local police, ambulance and fire services all from the Travel Smart app.

Government Travel Notifications

Get instant in app travel notification from UK and US government sources. Includes government based Corona Virus travel advice. Be a smart and safe traveler.
Travel tips, information & tools

to be a smart, safe traveller


  • Call the police & ambulance services
  • Cultural etiquette
  • Travel Tips
  • Danger Spots
  • Popular sayings
  • time difference with your home city
  • National Holidays
  • Currency Convertor
  • Tipping calculator
  • Google Maps
  • 7 day weather forecast


  • Advert FREE
  • Cultural etiquette
  • Travel Tips
  • Danger Spots
  • Popular sayings for every language in the world
  • 7 Day weather forecast
  • Time difference with your home city
  • National Holidays
  • Currency Convertor
  • Tipping calculator
  • Google Maps
  • Call the police and ambulance service


  • Government, Intelligence Agency and TGuard 24/7 travel safety push notifications
  • Call your nations embassy or consulate
  • Access to government resources
  • Advert FREE
  • Popular sayings for every language in the world
  • Danger Spots
  • Cultural etiquette
  • National Holidays
  • Currency Converter
  • Travel Tips
  • Call the police and ambulance service
  • Time difference with your home city
  • State department travel advisories
  • 7 Day weather forecast & extreme weather alerts

7 Day weather forecast

Plan your holiday with confidence, with an accurate 7 day forecast for any city

Cultural etiquette

Access information cultural information for every country

Popular sayings for every language

Access the most popular saying for every country in the world

travel smart app

Currency Convertor

A live currency convertor for accurate conversions and exchange rates for all currencies

Document Management

Keep your itinery, travel documents, hotel books all in one place

Saftey Tools

Travel Smart with access to unrivaled safety tools and information so you can focus on your holiday

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What government sources are used in the Travel Genius version?

We use a conjunction of different service providers including the UK National Archives, Open source licensing framework and the United States Department of State and other Intelligence agencies as well as our of TGuard 24/7 team.

What kind of travel saftey notifications can I expect?

With a Travel Genius subscription, you will receive travel safety notifications should anything of concern happen in the country you are travelling in. The service is 24/7, so you can sleep at night and know you will receive a message should any danger arise.

Push notification messages include information for:

  • Severe weather risks
  • Terrorism risks
  • Intelligence agency country alerts
  • Natural disasters or risks
  • War or major threats
Is Travel Smart the best travel app for solo travelers?

The Travel Smart App is great for everyone including solo travelers. Since solo travelers may be more vulnerable when traveling, Travel Smart has great information and tools to make them safer. These include; country safety information, the ability to call national embassies and emergency services and live government travel warnings .

I have advice I would like to share with the Travel Smart app, how can I do this?

To get your advice included on the Travel Smart App, please us on email on:

How do I link my travel documents to Travel Smart?

Firstly, make sure your device has been given the appropriate storage access permissions to Travel Smart. This can be done in your phones settings, under app management. Now just go to the Travel Docs page inside the Travel Smart app, click the folder where you wish to add your travel document and navigate to where the document is saved. (please note only PDF files are currently supported) 

The travel document must either be saved either your phone, Gdrive, Dropbox, iCloud or other storage systems that your phone has access to.

Remember Travel Smart does not store your documents, it only connects them to the app so they are all collated in one convenient place for easy access when you travel.

Is the Travel Smart App the safest Travel App on the market?

Yes! Travel Smart is the only travel app to include live government warnings from the UK National Archives for every country you are in or traveling to. Travel Smart also has the latest US State Department information on each country in the world.